Thank you for your interest in the World Tang Soo Do Foundation Region 1 Scholarship Award. 

The World Tang Soo Do Foundation (WTSDF) is a 501(c)(3) and is the charitable arm of the World Tang Soo Do Association. Each region of our association has the opportunity to participate in providing merit-based scholarships for WTSDA members, in good standing, who are college or graduate students or high school seniors who will be attending an accredited college or university program in the upcoming academic year.  Here in Region 1, we also include those who are enrolled full-time in accredited trade schools.

As of 2021, we have two deadlines every year.  The Spring cycle in March, will be awarded at the Regional ChampionshipsThe Fall cycle in September, will be awarded at the Fall Tournament.  As long as our funds allow, each cycle there will be, at least, one $2000 award winner.  Meaning, there are two $2000 awards each year!

Also, as of 2021, you can roll your application to the next deadline.  Scholarship applications will be valid for 1 year.  If you are a returning applicant with an application less than a year old, you do not have to complete the entire application again. In order to re-apply, you need to submit the following:

    1. An email or a signed letter to the scholarship committee explaining your intent to reapply for the current award.
    2. A new “Instructor Recommendation” form. 
    3. A up-to-date transcript (For recent HS grads who have just enrolled in college, this just means your FINAL HS transcript or GED.)

Finally, we are now taking electronic submissions.  Look below under “Application Submission” for directions

Completed applications (or updated information for re-applicants) must be received no later than the deadlines. 

It is highly suggested that you turn in your application early so the committee can answer any questions you might have.  Also, they can let you know of any omissions or errors to your applications.  


Spring:  March 10

Fall:  September 10


(UPDATED: August 1, 2021)

[ NOTE: These are fillable PDFs. If you need another format, please contact the scholarship chair.]


Application Submission:

Applications can be submitted either by mail or electronically.
Submitting by mail:
Send the application and all supporting material to this address.  
          WTSDF Region 1 Scholarship Fund
          PO BOX 70218
          Sunnyvale, CA. 94086
Electronic Submissions:
  • Email all files to
  • Please use the following file name format:
    • FirstName_LastName_ScholarshipApplication_Cycle_Year.pdf
      • Example:  Michelle_Kao_ScholarshipApplication_Spring_2023.pdf
  • All files (application and supporting materials) must be received by the deadlines.
  • All documents must be in PDF format.
  • Supporting files must be named in the following format:
    • FirstName_LastName_TeacherRec_Cycle_Year.pdf
      • Example1: Leslie_Flaum_TeacherRec_Spring_2021.pdf
      • Example 2: John_Smith_PersonalRec_Fall_2021.pdf
  • Supporting files can be emailed directly from Teachers, Instructors, etc to


Are you eligible for a WTSDA Region One Scholarship?

Are you currently training?

    • Attending World Tang Soo Do Association classes on a regular weekly basis.

Are you in good standing?

    • Being a current member of the WTSDA: not dismissed, suspended, on leave of absence, or on reprimand. This includes WTSDA dues paid up to date for black belts.

Have you had ONE YEAR of  training?

    • Having been officially enrolled in the WTSDA for at least one full year.

Are you a full time student?

    • Currently attending college, graduate school, or trade school which is usually twelve credits per semester. High School seniors and/or adults who haven’t started college yet must be enrolled (not just accepted) to be full time in college.

If you answered yes to the above requirements, then you are might be eligible to apply for the WTSDF Region 1 Scholarship Award.

Still have questions?

Follow the WTSDF Region 1 Scholarship Fund page on Facebook.  Or email the Region One Scholarship Committee Chair at 


This scholarship program would not exist without generous donations from our members and the public. If you wish to donate, you can use the Paypal provided button (remember, there is a service charge on all PayPal transactions and we don’t get the full amount). If you want the scholarship fund to receive your full donation, send checks to

WTSDF Region 1 Scholarship Fund

PO Box 70218

Sunnyvale, CA. 94086

History of the Region 1 Scholarship Program

Master Frank Waller of Sacramento was the first to start a college scholarship award for students in Region 1. Since then, and in large part due to Master Waller’s tireless endeavors, the award has spread throughout the World Tang Soo Do Association and is now a part of the World Tang Soo Do Foundation, a 501c3. Master Waller was passionate about giving our youth an opportunity to succeed, and true to his legacy, Region 1 is proud to give a substantial amount of money to the applicants from our member schools.

Remember, we can’t give money unless people apply. Please encourage those who are seniors in high school, or already in college, to apply for this assistance. Every instructor has the application and requirements or you can get to the link on this website for an application. And if you don’t know anyone eligible, but would like to make a tax deductible contribution, then use the donate button on this page. Help us keep Master Waller’s vision alive and promote continued success in education.

Checkout the list below to see who has received awards in the past. You could be next!

Previous Recipients