2019 Regional Championship held in San Francisco, CA

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What an honor it was to host fellow Tang Soo Do practitioners in San Francisco for the WTSDA Region 1 Championship this May! After months of planning and preparation, hours of training, and hundreds of emails, the day of the championship was finally upon us, and you could feel the anticipation in the Paresh community. Grandmaster Strong, 12 Masters including Master Merrill and Regional Director Master Wolverton, and numerous family members looked on as 211 competitors representing 10 dojangs came to compete, from the littlest Dragon to the most senior 3rd Dan.

At the opening ceremony, Grandmaster Strong promoted four martial artists to Master and 4th Dan: Master Robert Nelson (Loyal Heights Martial Arts), Master Kristina Ohlson (Paresh Martial Arts), Master Juanya Williams (Loyal Heights Martial Arts), and Mr. Robert Gross (Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do II). Master Mark Taylor (Puget Sound Tang Soo Do) was promoted from 4th Dan Master to 5th Dan Master. This was an especially moving moment for the Paresh community as we watched our Chief Instructor don her red and black belt for the first time and in her hometown. It was also a sobering moment as Master Ohlson shared that she will be moving back to her other hometown in New England this summer. The Yang of our pride in her met with the Um of knowing
we will soon miss her, and both came from the love we have for her and the love she has showed us for over a decade. Thank you Master Ohlson!

The gup competition was prefaced by Grandmaster Strong’s presentation of Oh Sip Sah Bo hyung. He delivered each move in the form with such intention that it left the rest of us in an almost meditative state. Next, we enjoyed a performance from the Parangal Dance Company, a professional dance group that celebrates and preserves traditional Philippine culture. Mr. Don Aguillo (3rd Dan, Instructor, Paresh Martial Arts) performed with the group, drawing a connection between the two rich art forms he practices. Finally, three dojangs participated in the creativity competition. They were all such different styles, but the dedication and effort from each team was evident. For me this competition was a personal highlight. It was the first time my daughter and I participated in the demonstration team. We auditioned, practiced, and performed together. To add to this moment, my parents, who came out from New York to watch us, were in the audience along with my husband and young son (Little Dragon). The gup competitions were energizing both as a participant and a spectator. In my junior rank ring, it was the first time competing for many of us. We cheered each other on, sparred ambitiously and respectfully, and gave each other hugs at the end. I was most impressed with the 10th gup in our ring who nailed her hyung not once but twice and who was a force to spar with. She swept the ring placing first in both competitions; I was so proud of this person I had only just met.

Hosting the tournament this year brought out the best in our community. So many volunteered time and donated money to make this a memorable event. I sincerely thank those who took the trip out to San Francisco and hope you took home fond memories and a renewed commitment to practicing our art. Tang Soo!

Ana Echániz (7th gup, Paresh Martial Arts)

Looking for the championship cup awards, creativity, and scholarship results? Click here...

Check out the slideshow or view the album on Flickr

2019 Regional Championship Results

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We had an exciting competition earlier this month at our annual Region 1 Championship. Here are the results of the cup winners, creativity competition, and scholarship awards. For a more detailed recount of the day of the championship, read this article by Ana Echániz.

2019 Dan Cup Winners

  • Youth female – Evie Dowd, Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do, Garberville, CA
  • Youth male – Caleb Cathey, Roseburg Martial Arts Academy, Roseburg, OR
  • Adult female – Yamilet Reyes, Reno United Tang Soo Do, Reno, NV
  • Adult male – Elijah Stephenson, Martial Arts Revelation, Windsor, CA
  • Senior female – Jennifer Cumming, Paresh Martial Arts, San Francisco, CA
  • Senior male – Leland Salomon, Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do, Garberville, CA

2019 Gup Cup Winners

  • Junior female – Kelsey Greenberg, Paresh Martial Arts, San Francisco, CA
  • Junior male – Zed Millette, Paresh Martial Arts, San Francisco, CA
  • Adult female – Kirsten Vasquez, Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do II, Arcata, CA
  • Adult male – Justin Davis-Smith, Roseburg Martial Arts Academy, Roseburg, OR
  • Senior female – Denise Vaughan, Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy, Seattle, WA
  • Senior male – Ross Huber, Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do, Garberville, CA

2019 Creativity Award Winners

  • First Place – Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy, Seattle, WA
  • Second Place – Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do II, Arcata, CA
  • Third Place – Paresh Martial Arts, San Francisco, CA

2019 Scholarship Award Winners

  • Stephanie Glascock, Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy, Seattle, WA
  • Daniel Murchison, Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do, Garberville, CA
  • Sebastian Hunter, Dragon Fire Tang Soo Do, Fortuna, CA
  • Sam Humrichouse, Family Tang Soo Do, Meridian, ID
  • Kate Cavenaugh, Loyal Heights Martial Arts, Seattle, WA

Congratulations 2019 Masters Candidates!

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The annual World Tang Soo Do Association Master’s Clinic is taking place at the end of this month. The Sah Dan, 4th Degree, candidacy is at least a 2 year process and the invitation is for those who have decided the “Do” (a way of life) is important to us.

A Master is a Black Belt who doesn’t quit! It takes time, perseverance, dedication and most importantly the desire to serve.

WTSDA Region 1 will be well represented by second year candidates Robert Nelson (Loyal Heights Martial Arts), Juanya Williams (Loyal Heights Martial Arts) and Kristina Ohlson (Paresh Martial Arts) as well as Melanie Gorden (Dragon Fire Tang Soo Do) attending as a first year candidate.


Tang Soo!

2019 Regional Championship Registration

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The 2019 Championship packet and online registration are now OPEN to the public! This year’s championship is hosted by Ms. Kristina Ohlson of Paresh Martial Arts in San Francisco, California.

The championship will be held on Saturday, May 4th at Mission High School in San Francisco. Friday night before the championship we will hold our annual spring black belt test. Make sure to stop by and offer your support to those testing for black belt ranks.

On Sunday morning, all WTSDA members will have the opportunity to attend a clinic with special guests Grandmaster Bill Strong and Master Scott Merril.

Be sure to register early so you can get in on the action!

To REGISTER online, click here
For more information, check out the Championship Packet