Congratulations 2020 Masters Candidates!

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The annual World Tang Soo Do Association Master’s Clinic is taking place this March and Region 1 is sending some new candidates!

The Sah Dan, 4th Degree, candidacy is at least a 2 year process and the invitation is for those who have decided the “Do” (a way of life) is important to us.

A Master is a Black Belt who doesn’t quit! It takes time, perseverance, dedication and most importantly the desire to serve.

Region 1 will be well represented by second year candidate Melanie Gorden (Dragon Fire Tang Soo Do) as well as Don Ellis Aguillo (Summit Mist Martial Arts), Maria Thomas (Aim High Martial Arts), Luis Segoviano (Incline Martial Arts) attending as first year candidates.

Congratulations to all!

Tang Soo!

2020 Championship Registration is LIVE!

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ATTENTION: This event has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead, we will be hosting a virtual tournament. Follow this link for more info:

The 2020 online registration is now LIVE and open to the public! This year’s championship is hosted by Master Nelson and Master Williams of Loyal Heights Martial Arts.

Friday night before the championship we will hold our annual spring black belt test. Make sure to stop by and show your support to those testing for black belt ranks.

The championship will be held on Saturday, May 2nd at Tyee High School in Seattle, WA. Following the tournament, we invite you to let loose and joins us for dinner and a party!

On Sunday morning, all WTSDA members will have the opportunity to attend a clinic with special guest Grandmaster Robert Beaudoin. You can’t miss this!

Be sure to register early so you can get in on the action!

To REGISTER online, click here
For additional information about schedule, hotel, etc., check out the Championship Packet

2020 Region 1 event schedule is here!

Happy new year! With a new year comes a new set of training opportunities in our region. The 2020 Region 1 schedule is now available. There are plenty of great opportunities here to learn something new, improve your skills, and mingle with other WTSDA members from our region. If you have any questions, contact us at

2020 Event Schedule

You can download the schedule by clicking here or see the schedule below for a quick glance.


Becoming One with Nature: The 1st Annual Region 1 Dan Camp Held in Rockaway Beach, OR

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The first-ever Region 1 Dan Camp was held from June 28th-30th at Camp Magruder located in Rockaway Beach, OR. This unique event brought WTSDA members from all over Region 1, and even some from Region 5, to the sleepy coastal town of Rockaway Beach. Our small group of 31 kids and adults ranged in rank from red belts to 6th degree Masters. The location, Camp Magruder, was a perfect hideaway for our group to train together, learn new skills, socialize, and become one with nature.

The Dan Camp started Friday evening with a short team building game lead my Mrs. Gena Eiseman. This game helped us all to reaquaint ourselves with each other and loosen up after a long day of travel. Following dinner, a score keeping clinic where we all discussed proper score keeping procedures and tested our knowledge on common, and not so common, examples. At the end, everyone who passed the test (which they unknowingly took), was awarded with an official certificate to validate their new skills. After everyone got settle, we gathered around the campfire pit for s’mores and socializing. Before bed, Master Becky Wolverton led the group through a night time “Jedi training”. This was a special sessions in which we practiced our sword techniques using light up swords!

Saturday started bright and early with a peaceful walk through the meditation labyrinth followed by a short Ki Gong session. After filling our bellies with a hearty breakfast, opening ceremonies, and a great warm-up the training came at us like a firehose! We started the day warming up with Pyung Ahn forms lead by Master Juanya Williams, this was followed by a focus on Tang Soo Do fundamentals lead by Master John Auer. We closed out the morning with session lead by Mrs. Leslie Flaum called “Conducting with Confidence.” We got to flex our teacher and conductor voices by leading the group using techniques in confidence and voice projection by Ms. Flaum.

After a quick lunch, attendees were give a variety of activies to choose from for the rest of the afternoon. These included, Sparring Drills (Master John Auer), Wushu Staff Form (Master Sue Helsdon), Tricking (Ms. Maria Thomas), Practical Hyung Applications (Mr. Jon Chandler), Haidong Gumdo (Master Becky Wolverton), and Staff One Steps (Master Sue Helsdon)

Dinner brought with it a presentation on martial arts photography by Ms. Leslie Flaum followed by and interactive lecture about Storytelling in Demos presented and lead by Mrs. Kisa Whipkey.

To close out the long day of training, Master Robert Nelson lead the group to beach to watch the sun go down as we practiced forms, basics, and a little goofing off. The sun and the weather provided us with a perfect show as we were lucky enough to see that “green flash” as the sun ducked behind the horizon. Once we brushed the sand from our dobohks and changed into dry clothes, we all met around the campfire again for social time and s’mores.

On the last day of the camp we were greeted by a beautiful beach that had now been exposed by the low tide. The sand, the waves, and the incredible view was our dojang. Mrs. Gena Eiseman lead us through Ki Gong to get our blood flowing and wake our bodies. This was followed by Sam Soo Sik drills (Master Robert Nelson) in which the sand showed us if we were moving our feet correctly.  To wrap up the entire weekend, the attending Masters each took a rank group to fine tune each groups’ hyung requirements.

After changing, clean-up, and moving out of our bunks, we all wish each other safe travels and well wishes. Many left this event with a determination to be back the next year.

See you all next year!

Check out the slideshow or view the album on Flickr