Congratulations 2021 Masters Candidates!

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The annual World Tang Soo Do Association Master’s Clinic is taking place this March and Region 1 is sending FOUR new candidates! And this time the clinic will be 100% virtual!

The Sah Dan, 4th Degree, candidacy is at least a 2 year process and the invitation is for those who have decided the “Do” (a way of life) is important to us.

A Master is a Black Belt who doesn’t quit! It takes time, perseverance, dedication and most importantly the desire to serve.

Region 1 will be well represented by first year candidates Cereana Miller (Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do) Meredyth Phillips (White Dragon Tang Soo Do), Joseph Palmore (Emerging Light Martial Arts), and Kisa Whipkey (Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do).

Congratulations to all! Make us proud!

Tang Soo!

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