2020 Virtual Championship results are in!

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Good afternoon, Region 1!

Thank you for your patience as our team recorded, verified, and quadruple checked the scores from this weekend. The results are in, and we know you’re eager to see our 2020 Grand Championship Cup winners. So, without further ado, let’s introduce your champions!

Dan Divisions: 

  • Youth Female – Kelsey Greenberg, Summit Mist Martial Arts
  • Youth Male – N/A (No eligible competitors)
  • Adult Female – Yamilet Reyes, Reno United Tang Soo Do
  • Adult Male – Curtlen Villatora, Reno United Tang Soo Do 
  • Senior Female – Meredyth Phillips, White Dragon Tang Soo Do
  • Senior Male – Leland Salomon, Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do

Gup Divisions:

  • Youth Female – Arabella Estes, Summit Mist Martial Arts
  • Youth Male – Erick Herrera, Dragon Fire Tang Soo Do
  • Adult Female – Stella Malone, Summit Mist Martial Arts
  • Adult Male – Zed Millette, Summit Mist Tang Soo Do
  • Senior Female – Meghan James, Loyal Heights Martial Arts
  • Senior Male – Clifford Skaggs, White Dragon Tang Soo Do

Please join us in congratulating all of the above. And a big Tang Soo Do thank you to everyone who joined us — competitor, judge, staff, or supportive fan. We couldn’t have done it without you, and are thrilled to count our first ever Virtual Tournament a success.

Did you feel the same? We would love to hear your comments. Please let us know if you have feedback. And if you have screenshots, videos, or photos from the event, please feel free to share! 

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