Seattle Area Quarterly Workout

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On Saturday, December 1st, members of 4 Seattle area studios met at the Loyal Heights Community Center for two hours of training. Lead instructors were Mrs. Tamela Thomas, Mr. Brandon Uttech, and Master Mark Taylor. They were assisted on the floor by Mr. Robert Nelson and Mr. Juanya Williams.

The theme of the day was basics; each instructor presented an area of expertise related to this main theme. Participants were split into three groups and rotated amongst instructors. Master Taylor focused on application of basic techniques. For example, students performing sang dan mah ki against a training pad could judge the effectiveness of their blocks. Mr. Uttech talked about performing basics with speed and precision. Students kicked and punched pads; to focus on maximizing explosive power, they waited until just after a ki hap from the pad holder before exploding their technique forward. Mrs. Thomas led each group through the process of creating a hyung. These new hyung were presented to the larger group at the end of the day. She also had assistants video and provide feedback on students’ hyungs. All in all, it was a great afternoon and a wonderful time meeting and training with old and new friends.

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