2018 WTSDA World Championship

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In mid-July, Region 1 travelled to Greensboro, North Carolina for Worlds 2018. While every Worlds is unique, this year was simply amazing with a record-breaking 1,700 registered competitors and a slew of incredible experiences.
First, the WTSDA offered clinics during the week before competitions, included One Step Skills and Drills with Master Homschek, Basic Ki Gong with Master Inoshita, Weapons Training with Master Peterman, Split Second Survival led by guest instructor Meghan Illguth, Combative Application of Hyungs with Master Khan, and many more. It was truly an honor to spend so much time with masters learning nuances and intricacies of our art.

Next, on Saturday Master Claire Marsch led a first-ever all-female hyung, celebrating the strength and diversity of our sisters in our WTSDA family. At least 800 women and girls lined up on the floor and performed a beautiful hyung, with breakout demonstrations along the sides. If you have yet to see it, look for videos on Facebook and Youtube. Here are a couple videos to watch now:

As always, Region 1 competed with intensity, heart and honor, and returned home with numerous medals. And topping off her impressive Seniors’ cup performance at Regionals in Roseburg, Ms. Tamela Thomas, Rainier TSD swept her ring and brought home the Senior Female Black Belt for 2018! Congratulations!

For a full list of Region 1’s results, see the list below
If you weren’t able to make it this year, it is *never* too early to start planning for 2020!  Tang Soo!
Article provided by
Deeje Cooley
4th Gup
Paresh Martial Arts
San Francisco, CA

Region 1 2018 World Championship Results

Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do
Master Becky Wolverton – volunteer
Leland Salomon – 2nd forms,1st sparring
Nakai Scurry – 1st weapons, 1st sparring
Jasmine Weaver-  3rd forms

Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do II
Bob Gross – volunteer
Hunter Hartwell – 2nd sparring
Madison Murrish – competed

Parkpoint Tang Soo Do
Master Don Logan – volunteer
Master Jerry Stine – volunteer
James Angelo – 1st forms, 1st sparring
Samatha Kolhmann – 3rd weapons

Rainer Tang Soo Do
Tamela Thomas – Senior Female Dan Cup Winner, 1st weapons, 1st forms, 1st sparring

Paresh Martial Arts
Megan Galles – 3rd weapons, 3rd Hyung, 3rd sparring
Deeje Cooley – 1st weapons, 1st Hyung, 3rd sparring
Ben Chung – 3rd sparring
Linus Murphy – 3rd weapons, 3rd forms, 3rd sparring
Charlotte Cooley – 2nd
Julie Galles – competed
Kristina Ohlson – volunteer

Quetzal Tang Soo Do
Gena Eiseman – volunteer

Roseburg Martial Arts
Master John Auer – volunteer
David Mandera – volunteer
Thomas Crago VII – competed
Koen Shelby – 3rd weapons, 2nd forms, 1st sparring
Brody Robinson – 3rd weapons, 2nd sparring

Evergreen Tang Soo Do
Master Steve Elmore – volunteer
Stephanie Glascock – 3rd in weapons, 3rd in forms, 3rd in sparring
Isaac Gawthrop – competed

Loyal Heights Martial Arts
Robert Nelson – volunteer
Juanya Williams – volunteer

Lopez Family Tang Soo Do
Master Melodie Lopez- volunteer
Micah Chong – competed
Kiana Pagarigan – competed

Incline Martial Arts
Luis Segoviano – volunteer
Tanya Segoviano – 2nd in sparring

Incline Martial Arts II
Maria Segoviano – volunteer

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