Remembering Senior Master Angrehs

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As some of you may have heard, Senior Master Luis Angrehs tragically lost his life on June 20th, 2018 in Ramos Meija, Argentina. Fellow master and his good friend, Master Norberto Lorenzo was also injured in the home intrusion which is the source of the tragedy. Words cannot describe the sorrow our WTSDA family is feeling. Master Angrehs’ contributions to the WTSDA were great and numerous. Included are several posts, pulled from Facebook, honoring this leader.

From Grandmaster Bill Strong

It is with great sadness that I must report the tragic death of Master Ronaldo Luis Angrehs, killed at his home by intruders on his birthday, June 20, 2018. His friend and Tang Soo Do Master Norberto Lorenzo was shot but survived. Master Angrehs was a member of the World Tang Soo Do Association for more than 30 years and taught Tang Soo Do at his studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started training in Tang Soo Do when he was 13 years old and studied Aikido and Judo. At the 29th Annual Masters’ Clinic in March 2018, he successfully tested for 7th Dan Black Belt, Senior International Master Instructor. He was a former WTSDA Country Director for Argentina and in 2018 was appointed by the WTSDA Board of Directors as Regional Director of the newly formed Region 23 covering all South America. During the succeeding year he reorganized the Regional management structure, planned the annual Masters’ Clinic and Regional Championship, visited studios in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador to teach and test, and was organizing the 30th Anniversary celebration of Argentina’s membership with the Association to be held in November 2018. Master Angrehs was a family man, a successful business owner, an outstanding martial artist, and a steadfast friend. His presence will be missed and his Tang Soo Do legacy will always be remembered. Rest in Peace my friend!

From Master Larry Dercole

Our Dear Argentina Friends:

This is one of the saddest times I have known as we learn of the June 20th tragedy in Ramos Mejia, Argentina. A crime that has claimed the life of Senior Master Luis Angrehs and injured our long time friend Master Norberto Lorenzo. Words cannot express our feelings of shock and grief. Wishes for a speedy recovery for Master Norberto. We are unable to change what has occured but we can all come together to share, appreciate and celebrate in some ways the charater and life work of our fallen friend. It was March 1988 when I was sent on assignmentto to help initiate the Argentina chapter of The WTSDA. Mr. Luis Angrehs was one of several pioneers there to help forge these beautiful and lasting relationships. There were numerous highlights and challenges and Master Angrehs was there always giving his all. I can remember during our visits to Argentina that we enjoyed many of the beautiful cultural traditions and the enormas emotional outpouring of family and brotherhood. In those days throngs of students would be waiting at airports and bus stations for our arrival or departure. We met many instructors, attended many Radio interviews and organized numerous clinics for students. Many came traveling great distances to participate including instructors from Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. He also assisted me when introducing WTSDA to his neighboring country of Chile in 1990. I can remember Master Angrehs’s enjoyment of singer Phil Collins and often asked me to bring audio cassettes of the then popular artist during my numerous visits. We would eat meat, meat and more meat and preparing all for Grandmaster Shin’s first time visit to the country. The martial arts there seemed to be a male dominate sport then but through Master Angrehs and other instructors efforts that patten was slowly changing.
We grew and grew through the years and in 2004 the Latin America Masters Clinic began. This significant event propelled our regional organization forward even more as masters from Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico and the USA. Many were now making the trip for the annual event and Master Angrehs along with so many others were there to welcome all.
Now Argentina prepares to clebrate it’s 30 year Anniversary in November. I am sure it will be a grand moment to honor one of the great founding pioneers of the region. We will dearly miss him. Prayers and blessings to his family and friends.
God Bless Master Ronoldo Luis Angrehs, may he rest in peace.

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