Seattle Area Workout and Judging Clinic

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Region 1 held its annual judging certification clinic on February 3rd at Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy. Practitioners gathered in white uniforms and good spirits, ready to tackle the written and practical exams. Their hard work and dedication was visible for the duration of the clinic, which lasted until lunch. Afterward, many practitioners remained to participate in a local training session. Now in its second year, the quarterly sessions were created by Master Steven Elmore for students to celebrate and experience the unity and brotherhood unique to the World Tang Soo Do Association. The Seattle area training included students and teachers from Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy, Puget Sound Tang Soo Do Academy, Rainier Tang Soo Do, and Loyal Heights Marital Arts.

The afternoon began with a skill review, allowing students to refine their sword technique with Master Mark Taylor, the Pyung Ahn forms with Mrs. Tamela Thomas, and basic motions with Master Steven Elmore. After a quick water break, brown belts and below worked on their rolling, falling, and jumping skills with Mr. Robert Nelson and Mr. Juanya Williams. Red belts and above learned about combative staff concepts with Mr. Brandon Uttech. Gups and Dans demonstrated all-out effort, working hard to break a sweat. The last hour was reserved for Cho Dan Bos and higher. As high-ranking practitioners, their grand finale was a lesson in Black Belt one-step sparring with Master Steven Elmore. The festivities concluded at a local pizzeria. All ranks gathered in a show of solidarity, enjoying a good meal and reminiscing over their new bruises and skills.

Tang Soo!

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